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    USB 3.0 X Win 8.1 Transfer Speed Issue!!!


      i used a Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 thumb drive to transfer 18G data to my Samsung Ultrabook NP910S5J via the USB 3.0 port and I am using Win 8.1 (both wifi connection and usb 3.0 support are awful!).


      it started very quick at a transfer rate of around 120mb/sec at the beginning. but when it reached 30% of the transfer process, the thumb drive stopped transferring. and at the same time, the fan of my ultrabook started running.


      after testing and researching info. I think and found that...

      1. the transfer stopped was NOT because of the system heat, as I could still run other programs when the fan was moving fast.

      2. the power management setting didn't help

      3. my usb thumb drive and the motherboard should be compatible or the first 30% of transfer wouldn't have been that quick

      4. my usb thumb drive is always in NTFS format. so transferring more than 4G of data shouldn't be a problem


      anyone can share anything?? thanks much!!!