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    Rapid storage technology won't rebuild to larger WD drive


      I've spent over a 40 hours on this. I need to increase the size of my raid 1 array. I bought 2 WD 1TB drives to replace my 500Gb on a dell studio 435t. I first rebuilt the system on the new drives following the Intel instructions on increasing the array size using the old Intel Matrix storage 8.5 but had windows errors--  loss of desktop search, windows update wouldn't work etc. I found out that had to do with my new drives being Advanced Format drives. I couldn't fix the windows errors on the new mirror, so I started again, and reinstalled the old drives. I then applied the necessary hot fixes to my old smaller array and downloaded the newest raid control software, Intel Rapid Storage. 9.6 all which was said to fix the windows errors the next time around. Then I tried the rebuild again.....this time...


      No matter what I do, Intel RST won't rebuild from the old drive to the new one. After many attempts, it rebuilds just fine btw the two older drives, but when I swap one of those with the new larger WD drive, I just get an error: ("An unknown error occurred while an operation was in progress the operation could not be completed"). I even cloned the drive using Norton Ghost, but then the problem is that RST won't create the mirror on to the second drive, it says "An unknown error occurred during the volume creation process". 

      PLEASE HELP!!!