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    How to force Windows CE to use the display connected to the HDMI, without testing the HDMI connection


      Hi everybody,

      I got the account login information from my boss, so his name will appear not mine. I am new at this company. I also asked my question from Microsoft, and they suggested to turn to the Intel with my question.


      Our company develops hardvare devices, which run Windows CE and Windows 7 Embedded.

      The hardware engineers made a small mistake in the HDMI hardware (they forgot to invert one line), and because of this, the HDMI socket wrongfuly detects the presence of the display. So, the Windows CE senses that no display attached to the HDMI socket, but in fact, there is a display, just the Windows CE beleives it wrongfuly.

      And, after we can make the Windows beleive that it has a display, it handles the display correctly, so the only problem is the detection of the presence of the HDMI display.

      We can suppose, that there is always a display on the HDMI, so we no need any kind of HDMI detection.

      Our company sold 200 devices when they realize the hardware problem. (The display works fine after switching on the system, it becomes wrong after the first unplug and plug.) So, the company sold 200 devices, and we cannot call them back, it would be too high cost, and loosing the trust.

      We would like to change (update) the software, and we would like the new software to avoid any kind of HDMI line checking, any HDMI presence checking.

      Can we somehow overrule the HDMI detection, and explain to the Windows CE that it does have HDMI display even if it cannot sense the presence? Can we force the Windows CE to use an HDMI display which it cannot sense?

      The display chipset (and this handles the HDMI socket too) is Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 Series

      Driver provider: Intel Corporation

      Driver Date: 15.03.2013

      Driver Version: