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    Pre-buy Intel NUC qestions



      I'm currently looking forward to buy Intel NUC D34010WYK to make it HTPC - for that price I wouldn't build so small i3 PC

      So I want to buy D34010WYK and for that I'm ordering Crucial CT120M500SSD3 120GB M500 and Seagate STBV3000200 3TB Expansion USB 3.0. I have 2 things from previous PC which are Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8GB(2*4GB) DDR3 CMS8GX3M2A1600C9 and Intel Centrino 6230 WiFi + Bluetooth card. Compatibility list is quite short and it's hard to say what MIGHT work actually. Oh! And white are certified/confirmed remotes that are working with NUC? I want to install some HTPC OS (either openelec or XBMC) and I would prefer to have most of stuff to be compatible in hardware point of view



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          The memory will work if it's DDR3L = 1.35v low voltage memory.

          The wifi card will work if it's mini pci-e.


          Regarding remote i have no idea since i don't use a remote myself.

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            Spec says they are 1.5v but I'm wondering if there is possibility to downclock them? Or just sell those which I have and buy DDR3L and stop bothering?

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              Hi artur.slowik,


              AlexanderR is correct about the memory.  It MUST be 1.35v memory or it will not function. Quite a few folks have railed about their "defective" NUCs, only to find the problem was that they were using incompatible memory. 


              As for the remotes, anything that uses the RC6 standard will work.  I've personally bought one online that worked perfectly and also found a couple at my local Goodwill that also worked great.  I can't say for certain but I believe most remotes that have a Windows button (has the Windows logo on it) will work.  As long as the remote is RC6 you should be fine.  Logitech Harmony remotes work as well.





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                Great thanks!

                I will sell my "old" DDR3s and I will buy new DDR3L


                Any RC6 remote will use on/off NAC function? If yes, I'm happy!