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    Intel RST broke my boot time, help


      Hi, it all started with a Win 7 displaying false warnings about the copy being not Genuine. I found the fix was to instal the IRST - worse decision by far.


      After IRST installation (through the utility) the boot time went from 20sec to 90sec... it hangs on the Windows screen for 60sec....


      I found that removing this utility with its drivers (reverting back to Standard AHCI) solved it for some... but the utility is gone, the drivers say they are Standard AHCI drivers in the Device Manager so I don't know what else I can do... event viewer still shows 80-90 sec for boot up time in the ID 100 within Diagnostics tab


      I would be glad to reverse it to the state with the false warnings about windows being non genuine ... i just want the machine to boot like normal.. i'm running ssd so this is quite annoying.


      Edit: after removing the IRST by uninstalling from Control Panel, Win Genuine warnings came back, but boot time is still 80-90sec