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    Galileo WiFi library will not connect to network whose SSID contains spaces


      Using the Galileo with a Centrino Wireless-N 135, I find that I can successfully connect to WiFi networks whose SSID doesn't contain spaces, but if the SSID contains a space, then the Galileo fails to connect.


      As an example, if I set up an unencrypted network with SSID "namenospaces", I can successfully connect to it using the ConnectNoEncryption example.   If I then change that SSID to "name with spaces", I can no longer connect using the ConnectNoEncryption example, the Wifi.begin() call never returns a status of WL_CONNECTED.  


      It may be relevant that the ScanNetworks example (which uses the WiFi.SSID() method) returns "name" as the network SSID in the case where it is actually "name with spaces".


      Is this a known issue/limitation?