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    Intel nuc + windows 8.1


      I have 12 nucs. 2 with ubuntu, 9 with windows 8.1 PRO and one with windows 7. Some of them crashes others don't. I updated the driver for windows 8.1 that should fix the secure boot something. I am not really a technical person, I just need these machines to work very very soon. When a nuc with win 8.1 dies, it looks like the image I attached. They prefer to die late at night just before you want to go home or minutes before a premier.


      It still works though, it is starting up the programs I set to startup and it starts sending Osc messages to my other computer. But I am afraid something is wrong and soon smoke will come out of it and I will get fired.


      Also had some issues with ubuntu, but because that happened 30 min before the premier, I had no time to understand that problem. I remember it was also something about some GUI issue. And it is only some of them. Others are stabile.. But I can't have machines crashing here and there whenever they feel like it! Please help, what the hell is the problem with this machine?