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    Intel AC 7260 HMWWB Installation\operation problems : Acer Aspire 5755-9674



      I have a problem correctly installing and running the adapter.

      The installation goes well, and the card functions ok, but when it's in the laptop, it creates problems as such:

      1. BIOS is slow. It takes from 2 to 5 seconds to respond on commands (even left or right arrow command).

      2. Windows boot screen freezes for 15-20 seconds (no animation at all, then, after 20 sec the 4 lights start moving, and Windows boots).

      3. Windows shows transmit speeds incorrectly: instead of 5 MBps - 15-20. (Server laptop is able to operate only up to 5 MB speeds).


      Chipset is Intel Cougar Point HM65. BIOS is the last version provided by ACER. Chipset driver is up to date too.

      OS is Windows 7 64bit.


      I've tested all my hardware (CPU, RAM, HDD, SSD), all of which works fine.

      Also I have an Intel 6205 WIFI adapter (native) which works PERFECTLY too. (in this case, - no A,B,C problems described before)


      Please help find the solution.