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    DCCP847DYE does not boot


      Hello everyone. This is my first thread, so sorry if I do something wrong.


      I bought a new DCCP847DYE yesterday (saturday the 5th), hooked it up to an Intel SSD (120Gig) and 4Gigs of Kingston ram, and tried to get it to start.


      It starts for around a second and then does nothing. It shuts itself off and the green LED inside starts blinking 10 times, once per second.


      My question, as you may have guessed by now, is, what did I do wrong, and how can I make this thing boot?


      Thanks for taking the time, and have a nice weekend.

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          Hello Geodomus,


          Welcome to the Intel Community. I will make my best to help you and fix the issue.


          There are some steps I would like you to try first:


          1. Try a different power source/AC adapter.
          2. If possible test the NUC with just 1 memory stick.
          3. Try different RAM memory.