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    Blank video with D54250WYKH NUC


      I cannot get any video on HDMI port on a brand new D54250WYKH NUC unit. The power LED light keeps blinking continuously, the fan is running but no display (no BIOS post messages or anything). SSD, memory and wireless card is installed. Please help!

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          Once in a while, after multiple power on and off cycles (including disconnect it from power), the power LED glows steady but still no video. Do I need to do anything special to enable BIOS messages through HDMI?



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            I seem to have the same problem using a mini display / thunderbolt to DVI connection.  I hear the fan, the activity light on the on/off switch flashes  but no post activity.  I am using memory and SSD from the compatible peripherals group.  What would be the problem?  Any suggestions helpful.

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              I have the same nuc as you. I bought a mini hdmi to hdmi cable the day i got the nuc. I got no picture at all with this cable. I went and bought a miniDP adapter and this worked. I got a new mini hdmi cable and now i'm using that.


              The first cable i got was broken.

              But my power led was steady. Blinking power led i have never had.

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                Not sure what issue it was for me, the problem seemed to go away over the weekend and I suddenly started getting BIOS screen on an HDMI-connected monitor. Maybe the NUC is very sensitive to the cable and maybe mine is marginal. I was able to update the BIOS and install Ubuntu 12.04. I am hoping the problem doesn't resurface again.

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                  I've seen issues with cables on these, especially older/cheaper cables. Make sure your HDMI cable is 1.3.  I've been lucky buying cables off of ebay, but I always make sure the cable is HDMI 1.3.  I've talked to a few people who have had cables show no video either all the time or intermittently and swapping the cable out solved the problem.


                  On the other hand there's the whole "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" thing.  You might keep another cable handy just in case.