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    Is it dead?    Or am I just very unfortunate?


      (sorry in advance for my "crystal clear" english! Am not a native speaker)

      So my story begins from 2 weeks ago when while gaming my ProBook 4730s decided to lock up the screen, the PC was still runing but the screen remained the same! ctr+alt+f4 and so on didnt help, I could only force shutdown it via the button, and so I did, when I turned it back on it promted me to do startup repair... which was ood, after it compleated its 20 min thing it reported that everything is fine... -_- ! Oh well, so the PC started normaly again and all was fine, so I started gaming again, not 3 minutes passed as the same thing happened... force shutdown restart again setup repair, gain 20 min, again all is fine... but this time, as it booted up to the logo... it froze again, this time on the logo... indefenatly! After googling on a different PC I understood that its a driver issue for my  radeon 7470m! So I folowed the steps! Booted in safe mode, deleted both amd and intel drivers both manually and then via Display Driver Uninstaler tool, launched in normal mode instaled intel drivers, rebooted! While installing sp55947 the driver for AMD from intel website specificaly for my laptop, it gets till the driver part flashes black screen once and when it does it the second time... it stays black with a flashing underscore... if I force shutdown it again and restart it again land on the logo and freezes... even if I instal a never driver win8/7 something it instals but gives me code 43 in device manager!

      So i thought that the AMD chip must have burnt... T_T

      When I opened up my laptop and took it apart, when i removed my heatsink the AMD chip was shiny like new... BUT! The heat sing which was siting on top of the AMD chip was black-ish... not the whole are but like 45% of it... no smell of burnt or bubling or anything... changed the thermal paste, set it back together, launched, tryed installing drivers again... aaand no dice still nothing!

      So! Any ideas?



      Oh yeah! I was stupid enoug to reinstal windows and format my drive