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    C600 chipset & v2, E5-26XX, 10\12 core processors


      I am trying to find out if the 'new' v2, E5-26XX, 10 & 12 core processors will work in any of the 'C6XX' chipsets?  Neither Intel nor HP have updated their spec\system spec sheets respectively, to show what is compatible\upgradable?


      For anyone who's interested, my Z820 currently has a 6 core E5-2630 and the C602 chipset.  I asked HP support and all they did was email me the PDF spec sheet for my system when I bought it and obviously, the v2 processors aren't listed.  However, when I check their current Z820 offerings, they have the 10 & 12 core CPUs' available, and, oddly enough, upon further investigation, they run the same BIOS as my system?


      Or, is it a chipset issue?  ie you need C604, 606 to use the new processors?


      Thanks for any insight,