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    Intel HD Graphics 4000 does not show 1080p resolution option


      I have a 1 year old ASUS Motherboard with i5 processor and Intel HD 4000 graphics card driving a 1080p Toshiba TV through the PC input.   I can drive this TV to 1080p with my other computer, but not this one.  The highest resolution option through the Intel driver I have for this TV is 1360 x 768.  Can anyone tell me why?  I have updated to the latest driver as of today (April 4, 2014).


      Edit Update (few hours after original post) - I have a two monitor setup.  The first monitor can configure up to 1920x1080 (through HDMI connection), but the 2nd monitor (1080p TV) can only configure up to 1360x768.  Is there a limitation on the PC video output on this card through the VGA connector?