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    Does Intel use a standard mounting clip for all CPU fans??


      Hey all,


      I am working with a Intel i5-3570K LGA115 processor fan/heat sink here and while I was clipping the fan onto the motherboard one of the black & white mounting clips got stuck in the "locked" position. The black clip that holds the white slide is now broken so I hopped online to find replacements. I found some on amazon but I am concerned whether or not they are going to work as a suitable replacement for the broken mounting clip I have. The part on amazon claims that it is to "Fit Hole Diameter: 10mm/0.4" ". I measured the actual, physical diameter of the hole on the motherboard where the fan/heat sink mount to and it measured to about 4mm (using a digital caliper). Is the '10mm' mentioned in the description referring to something else other than the physical hole size on the motherboard? If Intel uses a standard mounting clip than I suppose the replacement clips mentioned will work. Any advice is appreciated.


      A link is provided below...

      Amazon.com: Black White Plastic Mounting Clip for Intel CPU Cooler 30 Pcs: Musical Instruments