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    Question: Loading Intel C++ Compiled File to Galileo Board


      I am new at Intel embedded; I have a background on other embedded systems and I want to use Intel C++ Studio to do my own C++ programming of the chip and run it on the board.


      I would like to create something like my OWN operating system. In other words, I want to have deep control over the processor's registers and peripherals.


      In this case, I would be installing firmware - from scratch - rather than a piece of software that could run in a preloaded operating system such as Arduino, or some form of Linux.


      My question is this: if I manage to create a simple embedded application controlling, let's say, ISP communication with an external memory and I compile it in Visual Studio, how should I proceed in order to install the compiled file into the board?


      Is this possible? How should I proceed?


      Thanks everyone for any help or suggestions.


      Best regards.

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          I would start by reading the Intel Quark Software Developer's Manual and the Intel Quark Core Developer's manual.

          They will explain the boot process, and how you can write your own boot loader. With your own boot loader you can write your own OS if you wish, you have complete control over what runs on the processor core.


          However, I would encourage you to think carefully about why you'd want to write your own OS, when there is already one available, Linux. What can you add that isn't already there?

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            I'm interested in seeing what you create.  Quark is well suited to running mature OS's but more specific applications are fair game.

            Who knows.  Maybe someday @Andromeda's post will be as famous another piece of history.

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              Thanks for the suggestions.


              I know about Linux, its availability for the processor, and its potential. However, I have some decent experience with embedded systems and I really want to have control of the processor and know what is going on with the firmware. I really like doing the processor stuff and getting challenged by the difficulty of the chip rather than by the difficulties of the operating system; it is more like a personal preference from my part.


              I want to have something like a Musical Instrument OS to create my own instruments as modules. Of course, this is not the whole deal because there is also all the great communication interfaces that can be used in so many ways!


              I want to do this with this processor because in this way I can port it, later, to more powerful Intel embedded processors. The Atom comes to mind, for instance.


              In any case, I already hit a snag; in order to access some advanced documentation for the processor I need privileged membership and it was just denied to me. As a student I can't have access to it and my University won't sponsor the project because it is not interested on it, so I decided is going to be more like a personal thing than anything else. I will probably have to contact the Intel legal department directly soon.


              For now, I will stick to the documents suggested by SpiderKenny and see if I can start what I want to do with that. They are advanced enough and they may be what I am looking for. Thanks!


              If anybody has some suggestions regarding the processor, and some information about the procedure to follow with Intel to access additional - restricted - documentation her/his help will be very appreciated.

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                I spoke too soon. I manage to download all the necessary documentation from a different location on Intel's website.


                I know this will be a long term project, so I am already working on it.


                In the mean time I will enjoy the Galileo Board with the Arduino sketches for fun.

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                  Thanks for the support.


                  In my mind it will be a musical OS, or a musical instrument oriented OS. I want to do it because I am tired of dealing with the problems of USB controllers, their drivers, and their lack of usability with the traditional DIN5 MIDI interface. I am also tired of using computers to play samples and virtual instruments; I want my hardware. It is rumored that the recent Roland AIRA product line is an example of this. In any case, I want to be able to use usb midi controllers directly with my hardware and have hardware virtual instruments. A long, long, way to go before any of this materializes.


                  In any case, it is still too early to tell what it will end up being. In a long term project, a lot of things may change.


                  Best regards