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    Weird Issue with using Serial1 to communicate with Shield


      I'm working on getting an Arduino GSM shield working with the Galileo and I'm having some weird issues.

      The sketch I'm using communicates with the shield through Serial1 on pins 1 and 0 at a baud rate of 9600.


      Its working in so much as when I send a message to the shield to send to the Internet, the message gets through. The messages come through fine, not garbled, and as far as I can tell there's a 100% success rate.


      However, when the shield then replies with a 5-byte code that is supposed to let the Arduino know that the message came through successfully, 90% of the time this gets completely garbled. 5 bytes always makes it through, but they're usually completely random numbers. Sometime though, I do get the right message.


      It seems to me that there is some kind of interference or noise on the channel.

      I read that the Galileo does some multiplexing on pins 1 and 0 and thought that might be it.


      However, when I try to follow the instructions here: Intel Galileo - Configuring the Serial Port in Linux - Malinov Family Web Presence


      I get the error: -sh: echo: write error: Device or resource busy


      Any idea if I'm on the right track with this? Or if something else could be causing the receiving issues?



      Leon Klepfish