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    Finally got development and remote debugging working!


      Finally, I have managed to get a development environment up and running for using Eclipse to write native linux apps and install/debug them across the local network onto Galileo.


      My setup consists of the SD Card Image and the bootable Live USB Flash drive image from Intel's IoT ADT website.

      The galileo board boots from the SD Card image which includes wifi support, a basic web server and most importantly a debug server.

      I then have a VMWare Fusion Virtual Machine running on my Desktop Mac which boots the USB Flashdrive image. I imported the Live USB image to a VMWare virtual disk and boot from that, rather than booting from the USB Drive which would probably be a wee bit slow.


      Now I can run Eclipse in the VM, compile and then deploy to the Galileo over the local network - no serial cable required. I can set breakpoints, step through and so on all over the network. Nice!


      When I get time I will write up an article on my blog that shows how to put it all together.


      My ultimate aim would be to have Eclipse running natively on the Mac rather than in a VM with the Galileo dev tools installed there.