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    Cannot run the IDE


      When I attempt to run the Arduino IDE 1.5.3 for the Galileo it will start to start but then I get a window that says "Java Virtual Machine Launcher- Could not find the main class:processing.app.Base."

      This is on a windows 7 x86. I have gone through the starting guide, everything seems good, recognized the port and all. Seems like the Java interface may be the issue?

      I did not have any issue with installing on my Mac. I was not able to get it installed on a school PC- Windows as well, and my work computer is the one giving me this message. I had no problems installing the Arduino specific IDE on the school and work PC's. This is a new PC at work that I have not attempted to install the Arduino IDE on to.


      Some of this is over my head right now but I want to take it piece by piece and figure this stuff out.

      Let me know if I can be more descriptive, thanks.