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    Trying to setup Aopen XCmini with GM45+ICH9M chipset


      Hello anyone,

                          this is the far worst bundle ever had to configure ... bugs and patch after bugs and patch.  Anyway, I'm trying to hook a external SATA drive on the single eSata port control and supported by the chipset.  When AHCI mode turned on, I get a Port Reset Error on port 05, which I assume is the eSATA because all the other SATA port are use by internal HD and Blue-Ray drive.  BIOS wont detect any drive name or size.  When I switch to IDE mode, I'm able to get drive size and parameter detected on 3rd master in BIOS, but it shows NONE as drive.  Right now I have Windows XP SP3 installed using the AHCI mode and I'd like to keep it that way.  I have the latest driver installed for chipset GM45+ICH9M.  Any idea,  Thanks.


      Sincerely force1974