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    Intel MFSYS25v2 Upgrade




      According to the manual of the Thomas Krenn website, it ist possible to upgrade a chassis MFSYS25 to MFSYS25V2 - http://www.thomas-krenn.com/de/wiki/Neues_Modular-Chassis_MFSYS25V2


      i´ve been able to upgrade two chassis by following the instructions, i had to change the midplane and the management module - worked really fine.


      Now i have the following situation:


      I have one chassis with a midplane with V1 firmware, but with the productnumber T/A# D70484-408 (with 2GB SD card) which is upgradeable to V2, and one MM2 module. According to manual of theThomas Krenn website, it is necessary to format the SD, as the V1 firmware is still included.


      Here is my question:


      can i simply format the SD card under windows (with fat32 for example), or do i have to follow specific instructions, or use a special tool for that?

      When i format the SD card and then change the components, will the V2 firmware be installed automatically? For a testing purpose, i replaced the SD card with an other, empty one, which didn´t work at all.

      I´m afraid that, when i format the SD card the chassis doesn´t startup any longer and is no longer accessable.


      Has anybody already performed an upgrade like this.


      Please help.


      Thanks in advance.