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    How to put D54250WYKH mSATA in IDE mode?


      Hello.  I am attempting to install Windows XP on my D54250WYKH from and ISO that I made of my install DVD (since I have no external drive) and is on my USB drive.  When I go through the text setup for XP, it doesn't see the mSATA drive.  (The graphic set up doesn't work, that's why I've been doing the text setup process.)  From what I can gather from people on other forums who have put XP on their previous gen NUCs, the mSATA drive needs to be in IDE mode.  I only see AHCI or RAID modes available.


      Is it even possible to put the mSATA in IDE mode?

      And is there another way to install Windows XP on this NUC?






      Side note:  I am actually installing Windows XP so that I can upgrade to Windows 7 right on top of it with an ISO on a USB drive.  I must do this because my 7 license key is for an upgrade key.  I'm trying to stay legal here - often times that is more difficult than to do things the easy but illegal way.