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    Cannot get CIR Enabled


      So I have a remote problem.


      I have the D54250WYK and have updated the bios to the 3/3/14 one and ensured that within the bios the CIR is enabled.


      I am trying Ubuntu 13.10 and have installed LIRC. I have even run this in the console as root:



      modprobe -r nuvoton-cir

      echo "auto" > "/sys/bus/acpi/devices/NTN0530:00/physical_node/resources"

      modprobe nuvoton-cir


      After I run those commands here is the output via dmesg




      I have tried the lsw command in the terminal in linux and nothing is coming through so I dont think the IR is enabled at all.


      Is the wireless keyboard somehow interfering with other devices somehow? I have tried other remotes too and its not picking up anything....

      Thanks for any help