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    MFSYS25 And Promise Vtrack e310s




      I have an Intel Multiflex system MFSYS25 with six blades and an Promise vTrak e310s.

      4 of the servers have internal storage presented but i want that the other two servers to boot from Promise and use a shared lun. I followed the instructions in the connection guide from intel but when i'm trying to boot the second server, the first one freezes and cannot access the storage.

      What is strange, is that even i don;t have any internal storage presented to the servers, in the LSI sas from the blade i see a lun 0 Multiflex V-LUN. How can i disable it?

      I have to mention that i use RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.5 on the servers.


      Please advice,


      Thank you,

      George Pochiscan