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    DN2820FYKH no video and fails to start after BIOS update


      I have a DN2820FYKH which I planned to configure with 4GB memory, 500GB HD and a Linux OS.

      I've configured and tested the unit in simple steps to check that everything works successfully along the way. After updating the BIOS to 0028 (latest version as at this date) however, the unit now won't display anything and there's no evidence that it's even booting at all. I've gone through the BIOS recovery process by removing the BIOS jumper and powering the unit up for a while but nothing happens apart from the display coming out of standby and the lights on the keyboard and mouse coming on. I left the unit for 10 minutes before powering down, replacing the jumper and powering up again. Still no display or signs of any other activity.


      Can anyone help with a route forward with this please?

      I have a lot invested in this project and I can't afford my timescales to slip much.


      The History: I configured the DN2820FYKH in these steps:


      1) I installed the memory, then powered the unit up with a connected HDMI display, keyboard and mouse. The unit booted as far as the BIOS configuration screens just fine (I may have had to use the F2 key). Concluded that the unit is functional and compatible with my display and keyboard. I configured the BIOS to boot from the USB stick before powering down.


      2) I connected a bootable USB stick, powered up the unit, and proved that the unit would boot to a Linux OS from the USB stick. The unit seems to be working just fine. Demonstrated that connectivity to network and an external USB HD is OK.


      3) The unit was shipped with BIOS (0015), so following INTEL's configuration instructions, I attempted to update the unit with the latest BIOS (0028) using a BIOS image downloaded to the USB stick. Booted to the BIOS configuration screen - that's fine. Keyed F7 and navigated to the USB stick to select the BIOS image - that's fine. Answered 'YES' to the "Do you want to update" question. The display blanks for a minute then goes to text mode and displays the expected...

      Current Revision:     ?????

      Updating to Revision: ?????

      Preparing image for ???... [done]

      Preparing image for ???... [done]

      Preparing image for ???... [done]

      Flashing image for ???... [done]

      Flashing image for ???... [done]

      Flashing image for ???...


      The next thing I registered was the unit re-booting (keyboard/mouse off and display to standby). The keyboard/mouse light up again and the display goes active but nothing is on the screen. The NUC power light is steady. The USB stick light is steady. No reaction to [ESC] F? or other key presses.


      Sucessive power cycles give the same result.


      I've verified all the external hardware for functionality elsewhere, tried another display, checked the memory is seated properly etc. All hardware configurations have been done in a static-safe environment.


      Tried the boot recover process. Same symptoms: Lights on but no activity.



      I've spent a lot of hours on this now.

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          I've just had a web-chat session with an Intel advisor.


          We went through diagnostics and got right back to the point where I powered up the unit with no memory to see if the POST was completing, and the POST doesn't even get as far as checking the memory!


          Their conclusion is that I have dead, or certainly unusable unit and that I should go back to my supplier and ask for a replacement (wish me luck!). Intel said they would have replaced it under warranty if it has been more than 30 days old.


          I asked why updating the BIOS to revision 0028 is deemed unsafe? There's nothing in the release notes to that effect. They recommended that I should only upgrade the BIOS if I have need to. That's sound advice but one look at the release notes tells you they're still deep in the bug fix phase. Why wouldn't everyone want the latest release. If there really are hardware compatibility issues then the BIOS release ought to spell that out.

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            Brinkers, the information given by Intel technical agent is correct. A BIOS update is only necessary when your system is experiencing a strange behavior.


            In addition to that, when a system needs a BIOS updated, we recommend customers to install one BIOS at the time. For example if you have BIOS version 21, the next BIOS version that we recommend the user to install, would be version 25.  Finally, he could flash the latest version.

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              OK, thanks Silvia for the corroboration of what the agent told me.


              If you go to the following page on your Intel website, you can read the following recommendation which appears to conflict with what both you and your agent are saying:


              Intel� NUC — Operating system installation


              "BIOS Information for Intel® NUC Kit DN2820FYKH

              This Intel NUC originally shipped from the factory with BIOS version 0015. You must first upgrade the system BIOS to version 0025 or later to successfully install an operating system.

              After updating to BIOS version 0025 or later, certain BIOS settings should be confirmed, depending on what OS you plan to install."


              This clearly seems to be Intel recommending a straight BIOS update from 0015 to 0025 or later (e.g. 0028). This page was last updated March 18 2014.


              To clarify, I wasn't updating the BIOS on a whim. I was encountering seemingly insurmountable configuration problems, which seemed to have been addressed in later revisions of the BIOS, and was in any case recommended by Intel!


              Forgive me for asking, but do you know where in the documentation for the DN2820FYKH in particular, or the NUC series in general, does it say that BIOS updates have to be applied sequentially? I spent what I thought was a generous amount of time trawling the Intel website for every bit of relevant documentation to this product. I long learnt the wisdom of always following the documentation.


              What I also don't understand is how Intel didn't encounter the same problem updating straight from BIOS 0015 to 0025 or 0028 in pre-release trials?


              I apologise if I sound irritated. What was once a computer is now an unusable brick. I'm waiting for a RMA from Intel via my supplier but this unit is out-of-stock at my supplier and several others here in the UK. I'm going to fail to deliver a development contract within agreed timescales. In any case I couldn't work on this model again until I know that the BIOS update process is robust and won't fail again.



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                Neil, I really understand your situation, however technically speaking, going straight to the latest version shouldn't be a problem, but in the practice and based on experience, there is always chances for problems.

                Since the latest BIOS include all of the fixes from previous versions, the flashing process will be more intense and possibly longer. There is when something can go wrong with the CMOS chip.


                It will be worth it investing a little more time running one or two updates before the latest


                At this time, since you already replaced the NUC, once you get the new one please test it with the BIOS that come pre-installed .

                If you have a problem, please update the BIOS to the next available version and test it again.