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    How to get Intel HD Graphics 4600 to work ?


      I'm using a Lenovo G510 Laptop and I am unable to play games as on the graphics properties it shows that the dedicated video and system memory as 0Mb and the Total graphics Memory available as 1742Mb .


      Please help me resolve this issue.


      I've gone to the Intel Download centre to update my driver but it stiil gives me the same problem . I've also wen to the Lenovo download and support centre and recieved links to download Intel graphics and that hasn't helped me at all.


      Please help me with this.


      Kind regards,


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          Hi Noel_C,


          I am sorry to hear you are having this problem with the unit but let me help you.


          Note that the Intel® graphics controllers uses shared memory that is taken from the RAM memory installed on your computer.


          The feature that sets the amount of memory that is used for video is called Intel® Dynamic Video Memory Technology and this will make the graphics controller only to use the amount of RAM memory that it requires to run the different applications or software’s.


          I am afraid to say that there is no way to preset this to an specific value; however, you can limit the maximum memory that it can take only. You will see this option usually in BIOS and you will have 3 options, 128MB, 256MB and maximum DVMT. Other values can be found as 512MB, etc but this depends on the motherboard manufacturer and the amount of RAM memory installed on your computer.


          From our side, we can recommend you to do a BIOS update in case the Computer Manufacture have included a fix for a possible issue.

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            Hi Kevin_Intel


            Thank you for your response and I am 100% sure that you recommendation would work , my only problem now is that in the BIOS setup i don't have that option . Its as if my Laptop has no Card installed.


            I also had the same problem on my desktop with the same manufacture , luckily that BIOS option was available and It too had Intel Graphics. I'm starting to get a feel that this manufacture is not doing Intel any justice, as they sell us products without drivers and fail to provide a disc for the drivers, any who I think i'll make the manufacture aware of my frustrations with their product.


            If the is any way you can help me please do Kevin,even though i feel now i must take this up with the manufacture .


            looking forward to your reply .


            Kind regards,


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              Noel_C@ i see not any Problem with your igpu config. You have 1748MB Shared Memory. The iGPU Option in bios not exist by all manufacture and it is not important. Intel Driver configure the shared Memory for igpu.

              If you have Problem with any games or you got error message, post it here.

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                Good day igpu


                I tried to play Fifa 13

                1. Minimum System Requirements


                CPU with Dual core processor (Core duo 2 or better)

                Intel Core2Duo @ 1.8Ghz on Windows® Vista SP1 / Windows® 7

                2 GB of RAM

                ATI Radeon™ HD 3600, NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT + 256 MB + vram

                256 MB video card or equivalent (must support Shader Model 3.0 or above)


                I installed it yet as soon as I try to play the game i get a blank screen , then it returns back to the normal screen. Based on my first attached that shows that i don't have shared and dedicated video memory. It could be because its an internal graphics card. I also went to this site to see if I can play certain games based on the properties of my Laptop. www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri


                There error message as as follows:

                Video Card
                Minimum: ATI RADEON HD 2900. NVIDIA GEFORCE 8800 GT
                You Have: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600


                Upgrade Suggested
                Video Card Click here for the latest Video Card drivers.
                Features: Minimum attributes of your Video Card

                                                                                Required                            You Have
                Icon Pixel Shader version                              3.0                   |          5.0
                Icon Vertex Shader version                            3.0                   |          5.0
                Icon Dedicated Video RAM                            256 MB           |         16 MB


                Please advise .

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                  ok this is not Intel Problem. You need to contact your Laptop Manufacture or EA. If your Laptop Bios has not Shared Memory Option for iGPU, this is not Intel Problem. I think Intel cant here help you. sorry.