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    Centrino 2230-N Win7 driver speed issues


      Dear ladies and gentleman,


      i have a Lenovo Laptop with dual boot Win7 64bit and Win8.1 64bit. I also use the latest driver for WLAN on Win7 & Win8.1. When i connect to my access point where N is enabled, with WIN7 i only get a download speed of appr. 22MBit. When i connect to the access-point with WIN8.1 i get download speed of appr. 50MBit which is my internet speed limit.


      So something is wrong with my settings or the drivers in WIN7. When i use an older driver version, my download is appr. 18MBit. The installation of the driver was done with default settings, so no change in advanced wireless settings from the card was done by my.


      Do you have any ideas, why this can happen?