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    Error compiling stock MonsterSketch missing SPI.h ??




      I'm getting this error when compiling the stock MonsterSketch file for DataMonster.  Not sure why this is happening. I had a simular problem with a missing avr/pgmspace.h that was corrected by following these instructions. However now that issue is gone this one pops up. Is this part of an install issue with the IDE?


      Coping the file to the indicated folder did not help so undid that. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


      -I/Users/DustinD/Documents/ArduinoG/libraries/Ethernet/utility /Users/DustinD/Documents/ArduinoG/libraries/Ethernet/Dhcp.cpp -o /var/folders/lq/z179pwbx4lj2pdcctm1w7hsw0000gr/T/build8736288373491695021.tmp/Ethernet/Dhcp.cpp.o

      In file included from /Users/DustinD/Documents/ArduinoG/libraries/Ethernet/Dhcp.cpp:4:0:

      /Users/DustinD/Documents/ArduinoG/libraries/Ethernet/utility/w5100.h:14:17: fatal error: SPI.h: No such file or directory

      compilation terminated.


      Running on Mac OS X

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          Greetings DustinFL


          I was trying to replicate your issue, so I downloaded the DataMonsterCpp. I don’t know if I’m trying with a different file but I was able to compile DataMonster.ino without any errors. One thing I noticed is that I accidentally open that file and it opened the Arduino 1.0.5 and it displayed an error that the SPI library was needed, after I added the SPI library it still showed some errors and they were related with the SPI not identical to yours but similar I don’t know if that helps, at that moment I realized I was in the wrong IDE. Then I opened the IDE 1.5.3 and it compiled successfully. I would like to know Is the MonsterSketch.ino the one you are having issues with, right?


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            Hello JP,


            Thanks for replying. I must have made a similar mistake. While on the Mac I checked I was opening 1.5.3 but was still getting the error. I installed a clean copy of 1.5.3 on my Linux machine and MonsterSketch compiled without any problems.  I'll have to clean the Mac up and try to get it working properly. I have both IDEs there.


            Thanks again for taking the time to check that. I have 95% of the Data Monster components here minus 2 servos. Looking forward to working with it.