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    Latest Intel graphics driver ( and power management




      I'm new to this forum and english is not my native language so be not surprised if I write something wrong.


      I own an Acer V3-772G notebook with Intel Core i7-4702MQ processor which has a HD4600 graphics solution integrated. With the recent generic driver ( I experience some strange issues regarding frequency and power management.


      First, I'm a bit confused about the correct clock speed of the integrated GPU. GPU-Z shows that this processor/GPU has a factory core clock of 400 MHz, actually measured is a clock speed of 600 MHz. And that's the reason why the notebook fan is constantly running, I think. There is not process running in the background and the CPU is downclocking to appr. 700-800 MHz (with balanced power profile of Windows 8.1), as it should.


      Only the GPU is not downclocking to a value below 600 MHz. Even if I do nothing.


      My question is of course, what is wrong? In the past this GPU was downclocking to 400 MHz. With the new driver it is not. How can I instruct the system to throttle the speed?