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    Can't change screen resolution with HD4000 in Windows 7


      I've recently bought a second-hand Thinkpad Carbon X1 and found I can't change the screen resolution from 1600x900. If I try doing this through the Intel HD graphics control panel, then I can access a drop-down list and pick one, but it flicks back to 1600x900 immediately after. If I try doing this through the Screen Resolution of the Windows Control panel, the drop-down slider appears and then flicks away again, too quickly to be used. Also, all the time while the graphics control panel is open, the cursor keeps showing as busy for a fraction of a second, at a rate of maybe once or twice a second, even when nothing's going on.


      It's a new install of Windows 7 64-bit, Intel HD4000 graphics, driver version (which I just updated because it was doing exactly the same thing before, including the busy cursor, with version 5.something) and the display is set as ThinkPad MaxBright Display 1600x900. Any ideas?