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    DP43TF not posting with PCI video card


      Hello all.


      I have a DP43TF board which works wonderfully with the PCI Express video card. When I try to use a PCI video card and the computer does not post.

      The PCI video card works in other machines...


      I would like to run both cards at the same time so I can use 4 monitors.




      Also, I am running XP64, and my bios is current.


      Is there an option on the bios to enable dual video cards?

      I sure can't find it!!!

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          Hello there,


          Well, based on the chipset datasheet, you can see from the picture below that the MCH has the connection for the PCI Express 1x16 which in turn has support for the graphics. So i supposed that this may be the reason. The other pci express and pci slots are connected to the ICH and there is no indication whether it can support graphics from the picture.


          Now regarding your other question about the dual video card, again from the picture, it does not mention anything for ADD2 card support. Compared to other chipset you can see the second which shows that it mentions about the support for add2.


          For the 82Q45, 82Q43, 82B43, 82G45, 82G43, and 82G41 GMCHs, the PCI Express Interface is multiplexed with the SDVO and HDMI/DVI interfaces. For the 82P45 and82P43 MCHs, the PCI Express Interface is not multiplexed.


          Hope that this helps you a bit or someone else can test it for you and let you know. This will be much better.


          All the best,





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            I set up a DP43TF yesterday and I used an ancient Aopen 8MB PCI video card in it while testing, and it worked like a champ.  Even booted into XP.  Slower than mud with only 8MB of vid memory in XP, but it posted just fine.  Didn't have to change anything in BIOS. I do have the newest BIOS though, do you?


            I see another answer here that I haven't read, but did you try the PCI card alone to see if there is a basic incompatibility between the DP43TF and the board?  I had an ancient Intel SE440BX2 that was very picky about AGP cards.


            Good luck,



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              Hey ube.


              Yes, I have the latest bois. Also, I have tried to use the pci video card by itself- still a no go. I also tried it in all 3 slots just to make sure... nope.


              I placed the pci video card in other machines (xp and vista) and it works instantly.


              I was thinking maybe its an xp 64 issue? but 'sparkle' the card manufacture says it should work.


              I have not yet tried another pci video card yet... as I need to get one.

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                Hi again:


                Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  There was something wrong with the intel "communities" section on and off for days.  I kept getting a "fatal system error" on the web site.  Sometimes the section of the site wouldn't even load.


                Anyway, it sounds like a compatibility issue with the card itself if it works in other computers.  Sounds like the next step is to try another PCI card.


                I'm lucky.  Where I live (Orange County, LA, Calif. USA) there is a HUGE thrift (second-hand) store chain that has one store nearby dedicated to just computer parts.  They have bins of second-hand computer cards -- AGP or PCI vid, modem, network, etc. -- for like $2 each.  So I can always find parts to experiment with if I run into a problem like yours.


                Let us know what happens.  Good luck!!

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                  I'm trying to use a PCI card too. Kind of worked until I enabled 'add-on card bios messages' (?)  in the bios.


                  I'd like to get into the bios menu of a 3ware controller, but I guess it's not possible with a PCI graphics card installed.

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                                   I am having EXACTLY the same problem I run my first two monitors off of an ATI Radeon 3400 series card. I would like to run another two monitors with a PCI Radeon 9250 card. But after I install the card and the drivers the machine will not boot until I remove the card. The OS is WINXP proSP2 32 bit.


                    As an alternative I tried to add an old Hercules PCI card to run a single monitor. Same thing. I have confirmed the video cards work just fine in other machines - so it is not the cards faults. I think we are SOL.

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                      I dediced to speak to Intel about the issue via web chat. Here is my experience FWIW.




                      Adolfo: Hello. Thank you for visiting Intel Customer Support. How can I help?

                      you: http://communities.intel.com/search.jspa?resultTypes=all&dateRange=all&peopleEnabled=true& q=monitor&username=Waldo.Pepper&communityID=


                      you: Could you please review the link and tell me if I can run 4 monitors on the mother board?


                      Adolfo: What happen if you install only the PCI video card? Adolfo: does it work?


                      you: I do not care to do so. Because it would defeat the purpose of having a pci-e slot and also would have
                      defeated the purpose of buying a pci-e card for the slot. Can the mortherboard run a pci-e and a pci card at the same time or not?


                      Adolfo: yes Adolfo: it can run both PCI Express and PCI video cards at the same tiem Adolfo: time*


                      Adolfo: However, there could be compatibility issues between both video cards you: Not for me - not so far at least. Can you send me a list of cards that I can run in the pci slot?


                      Adolfo: We do not have a list of supported vide cards for our motherboards, the motherboard is designed
                      according to market standards, but we cannot guarantee that the motherboard will support all available combinations of PCI Express and PCI video cards.


                      Adolfo: I would recommend trying with different video cards.


                      you: I rather thought that this is what you would say. Will you be making a comment to the thread that I forwarded to you to this effect so that others who a participating in the conversation will learn that the motherboard can do what you say - but that is is a little finnicky?


                      Adolfo: Well sir, the motherboard supports the usage is 2 video cards, but we cannot guarantee that all combinations of the video cards will work, however you can try installing latest BIOS versio
                      Adolfo: version*


                      Adolfo: you can also try testing with different video cards, perhaps 2 video cards of the same brand


                      you: Yes I realize this... but I asked if you were going to tell the others in the thread that I referred to you so that they are similarly informed?
                      Adolfo: sure


                      you: Thanks. goodbye.




                      So without being unduly critical of Adolfo it was a little bit like this classic Microsoft Support joke.




                      A helicopter is lost in the fog in Seattle. So the pilot drops down to an office building to hold up a handwritten sign for the people in the building to read. The sign reads - "Where are we."


                      The office workers hold up a sign reading - "You're in a helicopter."


                      So the pilot nods and flies off and lands at his proper destination. The co-pilot is amazed and asks. "How did this help you?"


                      "Well I knew I was flying over the Microsoft building because the information was perfectly correct but also completely useless."


                      Good luck!

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                        Quick Question, Are you trying to enable SLI with 4 Displays?

                        NV drivers do not support more then 2 displays on an SLI array.

                        You must disable SLI to have more then 2 monitors.


                        If this is not what you are doing, Please disreguard.

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                          No not SLI. This computer replaced an older computer in my home which was running 4 monitors using two ATI video cards. I could run the INTEL board with a single video card and two display - but it would not install sucessfully that is, a second video card until I installed the BIOS update. Now all it well.