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    DP35DP - disabling speed stepping


      My particular application requires the CPU to be always set at its highest speed. Currently CPUZ is reporting the CPU flipping between a multipler of 6 and 9 - this causes problems with what i do.


      I can disable "Intel Enhanced Speed Stepping Technology" in the BIOS - no change. There are no other options I can find in the regular BIOS that applies to spped stepping, power management or C1 Processor state. In the Maintenance BIOS I get an option to set a "Maximum Multipler" which I can set to 9 but this makes no difference either.


      With every other Intel board i've used i've been able to disable EIST one way or another using either a single setting or combination but with this one i'm stumped. It may be the BIOS version, i have the latest 0517 which might be the problem, maybe an earlier version would have the right settings.


      Any ideas gratefully received otherwise this board is useless to me.


      Many thanks