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    Intel Server NIC Failover Question



      I have two Intel Pro 100 S Server NIC cards in a Windows XP computer.  I have each adapter connected to an immediate switch.  Each of these switches is connected to a secondary switch with HSRP setup, and this serves as the default gateway for the Windows PC.  In case one of these upstream switches fails, the default gateway moves to the other switch.  The PC only has one IP address and MAC in the team.


      The Intel Pro Server NICs failover correctly when one of the directly connected switches fails, but if the active NIC switch is connected to the currently active default gateway switch, and it fails, the NICs do not fail over to the other side (understandably) and cannot route traffic outside the immediate subnet.


      Is there any way to configure the drivers to failover the team if some upstream IP address (such as the default gateway) cannot be "pinged"?


      I saw that HP had some technology called Active Path Failover for their Proliant servers (which I belive used these NICs) but it's marked as a "retired" product.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!