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    DP45SG Memory Conflict




      Here is my system:


      Mobo: Intel DP45SG

      BIOS Version/Date:    Intel Corp. SGP4510H.86A.0088.2008.0829.1839, 8/29/2008

      CPU: Intel E8500

      GPU Cooling: Zalman CNPS 9700

      Memory: (3) 1GB Kingston 1333 MHzl DDR3 9-9-9-24 1.5v (I have 4 but it doesn't work with four.)
      HDD:    Western Digital Creen Caviar 1TB SATA

      CD/DVD: HP DVD Writer SATA

      Graphics: EVGA nVidia GeForce GTS 250 1GB DDR3 RAM

      Graphics Cooling: Zalman VF1000

      PSU: PC Power & Cooling Silent 750 Watt ATX

      Case Fans: (2) Noctua NF-P12-1300 120mm

      HID: Logitech M3200 Laser USB Keyboard & Mouse

      Monitor: ViewSonic VP2130b

      OS: Vista Ultimate


      Here is my problem:


      I started to have problems with this DP45SG mobo from the first time I installed my graphics driver.  The system would hang and I would get a BSOD on system start up or I had no control over my cursor through the USB mouse or keyboard.


      At first, I identified the problem as there being too little power although I was using a PC Power and Cooling 610 Watt Silent ATX PSU.  I thought that the nVidia GeForce 250 was drawing too much power for my PSU. I determined this by disabling the driver so that the video card would not pull full power. So I removed one GB of of the 4GB sticks of RAM, disabled the graphics driver, and ordered a new PSU. The system ran stable.


      The new PC Power & Cooling SIlent 750 Watt ATX PSU came in and I installed it and the graphics driver but I left out that 1GB stick of RAM, using only 3GBs.  I ran the system for a week to determine system stability, which I achieved.


      I then installed my last stick of RAM.  The system ran for 5 minutes and then I lost complete control of my cursor.  My keyboard or mouse had no connection.  To test, I used 1 GB stick of RAM - testing each one individually - then 2 sticks, then 3 sticks of RAM keeping a round-robin with the seemingly bad stck of RAM.  All of them worked.  I then installed the last or 4th stick of RAM and duplicated my cursor problem.


      The BIOS sees all 4 sticks of RAM and reports them stable.  Vista sees all 4 sticks of RAM.  However, this system will only run stable with 3 stiks of RAM.


      My question is - Why can't this mobo use (4) 1GB sticks of DDR3 1333MHz RAM?



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          Dear Friend ,

          •                     First of all , use memtest86 always to check that your Ram's work fine .
          •                     Secondly according to my Opinion dont use more than 3 GB ram on a 32 bit Operating System because they are not                   designed to perform much multi tasking as of 64 bit .( So this might be an possible issue ).


          •                     Is Your Bios upgraded ?


                             Dont think your 4rth Ram slot is Damaged or Something . (Computer wont boot or even showed up till bios or to Windows .)