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    Help! 100% CPU when playing multimedia


      When running multimedia offline or online the CPU goes to 100% and the machine comes to a halt until the process is killed.

      It can be viewing an MP4 file on my PC or watching a movie online.After about a minute the CPU usage goes to 100%.No other applications are running except for Avast Anti Virus.It does not matter if I use Chrome/Firefox/IE.


      Tried the following.

      1.Ran many malware removal tools.

      2.Uninstalled all unnecessary software.

      3.Ran Intel Driver update Utility and all drivers are up to date.

      4.Changed Graphics set up Power(Max Performance) and 3D for max performance.


      Details are as follows.


      Intel i3 M 350 2.27GHz

      Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

      Intel® HD Graphics

      RAM 4GB


      I have run out of options!I'm beginning to wonder if the Intel Integrated GPU is any good.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks In Advance!!