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    DG41TY SATA configuration

      I am looking to configure my system such that my SATA drive can be used with enhanced features, specifically NCQ and port multiplexing.  I think I need to enable ahci support to do so, but I don't see any such option in my BIOS configuration.  What I do see is the following five options for drive configuration - ATA/IDE mode:



      Legacy - SATA primary, PATA secondary

      Legacy - PATA primary, SATA secondary

      Legacy - SATA only

      Legacy - PATA only

      I have set this as "Native", but I find that linux is still using the ata_piix driver and thus far I am not seeing the second volume on my RAID and while NCQ is being detected it is not being used.
        Am I missing a setting somewhere else in BIOS?  Am I missing something in configuring my drivers in linux?