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    The new DN2830FYKH model


      Any news on the new DN2830FYKH model, which is going to replace DN2820FYKH and contain a Celeron N2830 CPU, which has the benefit of features like Quick Sync Video and a bit faster clock speed.

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      Would love to hear some dates on when are going to see DN2830FYKH.

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          Hello Erroneus,


          This is in fact one of the coming products that contains very cool features but I am afraid to say that we do not have an ETA yet of the product release.


          I recommend you checking the Intel® News room where you can find all information about Intel® news. Here is the link:



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            Thanks for the quick reply.

            Will keep my eyes on News room and hope for something will pop up within the next few months

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              Technical Product Specification  has been revised on April 2014 :

              http://downloadmirror.intel.com/23417/eng/DN2820FYKH_TechProdSpec02.pdf :



              Board Identification Information

              Basic Intel® NUC Board DN2820FY Identification Information

              AA Revision BIOS Revision Notes

              H24582-201 FYBYT10H.86A.0012 1,2


              1. The AA number is found on a small label on the component side of the board.

              2. Intel® Celeron® processor N2820 or Intel® Celeron® processor N2830, used on this AA revision,

              consists of the following component:


              Device Stepping S-Spec Numbers

              Intel Celeron processor N2820 B3 SR1SG

              Intel Celeron processor N2830 C0 SR1W4




              • Support for DDR3L 1066 MHz SO-DIMM on the Intel Celeron processor N2820

              • Support for DDR3L 1333 MHz SO-DIMM on the Intel Celeron processor [b]N2830[/b]



              [quote]1.3 Processor

              The board has a soldered-down System-on-a-Chip (SoC), which consists of an Intel

              Celeron processor N2820 or [b]N2830[/b] with up to 7.5 W TDP.

              • Integrated graphics

              • Integrated memory controller

              • Integrated PCH[/quote]


              Reference for the Celeron remains DN2820FYKH.


              N2820 vs N2830 :


              RAM : 1066 -> 1333

              and N2830 adds QuickSync Video

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                Hi JeffBlagnac, this is a good news, the new nuc (with old name) is ready.


                I hope that the nuc sold from May will have the new cpu.

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                  Great news.


                  Is there any way to determine which DN2820FY NUC's contains the N2830 CPU?

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                    For shop online this is the Problem.


                    Amazon report:


                    ASIN: B00HVKLSVC

                    Item model number: BOXDN2820FYKH0


                    ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is internal Amazon Code.


                    BOXDN2820FYKH(0) is public Intel code.


                    I hope that the new (revision) model will be identified with a index like BOXDN2820FYKH(1) and/or a new ASIN, but usually Amazon does not change ASIN code for hardware revision.

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                      At this stage the BOXDN2820FYKH seems to be out of stock everywhere (at least in the USA), so hopefully any new order or existing backorder will automatically come with the new processor.

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                        Okay as everybody here I am also concerned about the fact that the same product number can contain 2 different products. Intel must somehow make it clear what type of processor is included in the box or they will get a lot of consumer complains.


                        By the way, the DN2820FYKH seems also to be out of stock everywhere in Northern Europe. So lets hope that this implies that the ones seen on stock in the future will be with the Celeron N2830.

                        No matter what... Intel please clarify what we should look after to be sure that we can identify the right product.

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                          Intel can't get product into the channel, so why do you expect to actually tell us what we are paying for inside the cardboard box????


                          If you read the new specs, the first thing Intel identifies is the processor...a 2820 (yes it is the ONLY processor listed)!!!!


                          Then they tell you the ram...for the 2820 and then the 2830, but wait...there is no 2830 processor listed as available, but you are told what ram you should use for it (2830)!

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                            Hi all,


                            You'll be able to identify the difference between them by the SA# on the label on the bottom of the chassis and the barcode label on the box.


                            N2820 version: SA H22962-100, H22962-101, and H22962-102

                            N2830 version: SA H22962-103 and later


                            Let me check on the TPS - it looks like Section 1.3 Processor mentions both processors, but the Feature Summary table does not. I'll alert the NUC team about that to fix the table.





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                              That is good news, thanks.


                              Now we just need online retailers to pick up the difference.

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                                New Product Change Notification  112980-01




                                Now the only question is the availability date and shipping


                                Forecasted Key Milestones:

                                Date Customer Must be Ready to Receive Post-Conversion Material:

                                Jun 25, 2014

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                                  More details


                                     Old model  new model
                                  SA#H22962-102 H22962-103
                                  AA#H24582-202 H24582-203


                                  Example of AA#



                                  Example of SA#



                                  Example of Data of Manufacture  and  VERSION#  (version is AA# or SA#)


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                                    Thank you


                                    It's a very exciting product line which I think have much potential. Looking forward to see it soon on stock again in Scandinavia. I imagine that the current situation means that the the N2820's have been sold out and that new stock probably will mean N2830's.



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