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    Intel 530 SSD stalls in MacBook Pro early 2001 13"


      I installed an Intel 530 SSD 240GB in the main bay (replacing HDD) of my MacBook Pro early 2001 13".  The system seems to run fine but for the most part, but I noticed that momentarily (5-10 seconds) it freezes up every now and then.  This could happen when I am staring a new program or doing some other action that initiates access to the file system.  I have two of these drives and have tried both of them in the system with the same result.  I updated the 530s to the latest firmware so that is not an issue.


      Previously I had another brand of SSD in this MacBook Pro and it worked without this stuttering issue.  So form this I conclude that there is something about the 530 that is not working smoothly with my system.


      I called Intel phone support, but they essentially had no ideas.


      Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome.