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    Intel Server Board S1200V3RPL Fan speed


      d I was sold Intel Barebone System P4308RPLSHDR 4U 460W Server Board S1200V3RPL with 8x3.5inch Hot Swap Drive Kit Retail, which comes with the above mentioned server board.  I was also sold a PCI RAID controller card, and later discovered that the motherboard has a RAID controller built into it.  When I turn on the system, the fans sound like a plane getting ready for take off.  I looked in the system setup and found what was supposed to be an option to change the fan speed but I couldn't tell that it really did anything.  Is there anything that can be done about the fan noise?


      I also was sold a mini SAS to mini SAS cable to go from the backplate for the hard drives to the PCI RAID controller card. The instructions say to press control G when the option appears, but it doesn't appear.  Any ideas on that too?