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    Intel Turbo Boost Technology


      Hi all! I have been struggling with a problem. I have an Acer Aspire V3 771g laptop that came with the Intel core i7-3610QM. I was recently getting random reboots without an error code or Bluescreen. My GPU or CPU were NOT overheating. I later linked the problem directly to the Intel Turbo Boost Technology overclocking my proccessor. Once I disabled this, my computer has not crashed once. Now my problem is, I stream online gaming. However, due to having to disable Intel Turbo Boost, I no longer have the capacity to stream without freezes. So my question is, Is it possible to limit the capacity of the Intel Turbo Boost so that it doesn't zap my laptop??

      I run Windows 7 Home Edition.

      Also when they way I disabled the Intel Turbo Boost was through the power settings NOT the BIOS menu. I did not have any options in the BIOS to enable/disable it.

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          Hi Deserehh,


          I am sorry you are having problems with the Turbo Boost technology but let me help you.


          It is important to say that Computer Manufactures sometimes set limitations in their units so this may be the reason why you do not have an option at the BIOS level to enable or disable the Turbo Boost.


          The feature can be turned off by enabling or disabling it at the BIOS but it is not possible to change the configurations since it works automatically and will increased the performance on the system based on internal algorithms.


          My best recommendation at this point is to run the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool to test the processor and in case it is defective you may contact Acer for them to provide the warranty on the unit Here is the download link:


          64 Bit:



          32 Bit:


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            I ran the diagnostics test and passed.. My computer is roughly 2 years old, and I was told it's extremely rare for my processor to burn out so soon. It's frustrating that I can't run at optimal speeds but I can't seem to find much support on it since my warranty ended a year ago with Acer.

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              When do you get the reboot problem? and also try to check if there is a change in your computer before you got the problem to know other posible program causing this not just the turbo boost being the suspect. I believe that turbo boost can only be enabled and disabled in BIOS, so it will be good to know what did you do in power settings that made your computer stable or atleast wont reboot and just reduced system performance. You cannot specify the maximum turbo boost frequency since it is done automatically

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