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    How can I recovery the previous version BIOS when the BDS cannot be started.


      Dear all:
      Dear Quark's BIOS team:


      I am studying Quark(Galileo) platform.

      To know EDK II better, I have added some debug logs code to BIOS source code.

      But I might have imported one critical issue which causes BDS phase cannot be started completely.

      The phenomena is as following:

      1.  BootManangerMenuApp.efi has been loaded.

      2.  BootManangerMenuApp.efi has not been started. (I have added some code before startimage. This code might cause BDS crash)

      3. The platform tries to start one PEIM, XXXX/Quark_EDKII_v0.efi


      Please refer img1 file to get detail info!


      Then the platform asks me to recovry the firmware after select "4", the type for Galieo platform.

      (Please refer img2 file to get detail info!)

      But I am not sure what is "usb key with recovery module"!?

      So I just add a USB flash memory (its format is FAT32) with a cap file, Flash-missingPDAT.cap, of previous version and click "R" to start recovery.

      Unluckily, it seems that no recovery cap can be found.

      Please refer img3 file to get detail info!


      Now I do not how to recovery the BIOS to previous version.

      Can anyone give me some advances?


      Please read MsgLog.txt file if necessary!




      Best Regards!