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    S5000XVN motherboard - Cannot install Promise RAID card


      When i install my new Promise TX4650 RAID card on the Intel motherboard S5000XVN the computer refuses to get past the motherboards splash screen. I cannot even get into the BIOS and adjust anything when the Promise card is installed. (Catch 22...) I have tried to remove all PCI-e and PCI-X cards and have the Promise card and the graphic card only installed to no avail, the computer halts on the motherboards splash screen. If i remove the Promise card the computer boots as usual.


      Do you know if there is a setting in the BIOS i must use before i even install the Promise card?


      Intel S5000XVN is on Promise's list on approved motherboards for the TX4650.


      Kind regards, Roger

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          Hi there,


          Firstly, I would advise to make sure to have the latest firmware version for the board.


          Create a DOS Bootable Media like USB or CD ROM

          Download the DOS Firmware Package.


          Update the BIOS and BMC.

          Once done, check in the BIOS if the firmware have been updated successfully.

          Disable Quiet Boot in the Bios

          Save and Exit


          If it still does not work, check the card on another system, then check with the card manufacturer


          As from Intel Side, the card is not on THOL

          Intel Compatibility List - http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/sb/s5000psl_thol_29.pdf


          It is on the list from Promise Website.



          All the best,




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            Thanks for the answer Rajiv!


            However, i will never, ever, ever upgrade the BIOS or the firmware for this board. I did that about six months ago and had to replace the motherboard and the two processors (E5450) because the newer firmware is incopatible with the E5450 according to Intel tech support. I returned the computer to my vendor and had to wait for five (5) weeks before they found out what was wrong because they got the same problem...


            The S5000XVN board is a true bitch to manage. For example, if i upgrade the BIOS and some minor issue occurs during boot the Rolling BIOS Feature rolls back the BIOS to the old one... And, Intels poor and confusing documetation makes it even worse. In one pdf it is explained how to clear the CMOS and they claims that it is important to unplugg the AC cord from the computer when clearing the CMOS. In another pdf they claim that it is *important* that the AC cord remains plugged into the computer... The list can go on forever with contradictory explanations on how to do thing the right way with this board.


            I will contact Promise and see what they can do.


            Thanks for the links to the pdf's. Yes i know, i should have started with Intels pdf...


            Kind regards, Roger

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              I have disabled the Quiet Boot and got the same results. This time the boot freezed and the only message i got was:

              "Press [Space] key to skip, or other key to continue..."


              I cannot however do anything but to shut down the computer manually, Space or "any other key" wont do a thing...


              Yesterday i tried the Promise TX4650 card in an HP xw4600 Workstation and it worked as a charm. So there must be a setting on the motherboard that is the culpit. Promise Support told me to disable the onboard SATA Controller on the Intel MB. I have not tried that yet because it seems kind of hard for the computer to boot into Windows without the SATA Controller enabled.


              Do you have any other idea?


              If the problem persists i will contact Intel Support next week.


              Btw: I have loaded BIOS Defaults with the same results - No boot when TX4650 is attached to the S5000XVN MB.



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                Hi Roger,


                If the card is not on the Intel Tested List, there is no point of checking with them as there must be a reason why it is not on the list like may be it works with a certain board revision or something like that.


                Anyway, you can try to see if by disabling the onboard sata controller, disabling the mass storage controller if you have (this is only for SAS board - sas board has 4 blue sas ports and 2 black sata ports) and disabling quiet boot whether you managed to get into the Raid Bios for the Raid Controller Promise.


                I still think that it is best to upgrade the board bios to the latest firmware revision. When updating the bios, you dont need to install the two CPUs, you can boot the system with a minimum configuration like board, 1 memory module, 1 cpu, then you can update the bios and bmc firmware.


                If you need any help for that, let me know i can explain to you steps by steps how to do thru Dos Method.


                Btw, the board supports the CPU 5450. It should not be a problem.



                Let me know if you need help for the firmware update.


                All the best,




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                  >Btw, the board supports the CPU 5450. It should not be a problem.


                  Rajiv, the E5450 is indeed certified, so thats not the problem. The problem is that the newest BMC is not compatible with the E5450, and since it is not compatible the motherboard reports an error when booting, and when the motherboard reports an error the BIOS will never be updated. The BIOS on the S5000XVN will only be updated when there is no POST errors or other errors upon boot. Catch 22 unless i update the BIOS first and the the BMC.


                  The BMC updates directly while the BIOS requires an error free boot. If error, it reverts back to the last BIOS (Rolling BIOS Feature). So, with the BMC updating the BIOS will never ever update on this motherboard eventhough i got the "Updated succesfully" message at the end of the update. If i update the BMC on my motherboard the Status LED becomes amber and starts to flash amber instead of a nice and solid green.


                  I have exchanged my motherboard, my two E5450 because the BMC update and will not risk it again. Yes, i can skip the BMC and update the BIOS only, but last time it took five weeks for my vendor to fix the errors the BMC update caused and i wont go through that again. It turned out that Intel was unaware of this issue, BMC/E5450, thus all the waiting...


                  I got the tip from Promise as well to disable the onboard sata controller and will try that when i have finished some projects. (I have no SAS on my motherboard) I'll keep you updated.


                  Kind regards,