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    Oracle VM on ESRT-2 mirror on S1200V3RPL


      I have a motherboard S1200V3RPL with 2 HDDs. I configured a RAID-1 using the ESRT2 provided by the motherboard, and I tried to install multiple Virtualization solutions including Oracle VM.

      Oracle VM 3.2.7 is based on RedHat/Oracle Linux 5.x for which I found the drivers here: Download Center

      I unarchived the zip downloaded and I copied to a USB drive.

      I started the installation from Oracle VM CD, and I passwd the following arguments:

      mboot.c32 xen.gz --- vmlinuz linux dd noprobe=ata1 noprobe=ata2 noprobe=ata3 noprobe=ata4 --- initrd.img

      When I was asked for the disk drivers, I pointed to the DUDs\megasr-15.04.2013.1016-1-rhel50-U9-64.img file, which was causing no errors

      But in the screen for selecting the target installation storage I have nothing.

      Any thoughts? Any other virtualization option?