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    Help with Intel(r) HD 4000 Driver Issues


      I'm currently using a Surface Pro, and have been trying to install a program for gaming, but every time I attempt to do so it shows an error stating that my drivers are out of date. I've updated my drivers and the problem persists. When i use the tool for driver update detection on the Intel page, it says that my graphic's card is customized for my machine, and that installing a generic driver could cause technical issues. I guess my question would be to other Surface users or whoever has knowledge on the subject: Would it be advisable for me to uninstall and replace the driver software I have on my Surface Pro, despite the warning issued automatically through the Intel Page? If not, where can I get alternative drivers for this particular graphics card (Intel HD 4000), I haven't been able to find anything on it besides updating through the device manager...


      Thank you for reading.