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    Lenovo Thinkpad T440s and Intel Dual Band Wireless N 7260 - low WiFi speed


      Dear All,

      I've got a problem with my brand new Lenovo Thinkpad T440s and Intel Dual Band Wireless N 7260.

      I run the speedtest.net on it.

      Connection between my router (TP-LINK- "n" connection established) and my t440s is in amount of 144 mbits.

      I've checked my t440s with speedtest.net and the highest download value  was 20 Mb/s. It seems to me like it is only b/g connection.

      What should I do to receive hi speed (80mbits) connection?

      All my older notebooks my WiFi works with speed of 80 Mb/s. So there is a problem with t440s :smileyhappy:


      I have updated the drivers to 17.0.0 and it is a bit better - download value is amounting of 34 Mb/s, but still it's not 80 Mb/s


      I've checked in Intel Dual Band Wireless N-7260 driver settings - Energy management - Permission to disabled this device due to energy save is not on.

      In Power Supply Profiles I set the Maximum performance in WiFi card settings.


      My router is TP LINK WR841-N (run in N mode)


      Dear Intel it's funny that brand new Wireless card works slower than iPad mini Retina or my 2 old Dell computers.


      Any suggestions?