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    SSD to run XP pro SP3




      I was looking for some advise on a good and stable 2.5 Intel SSD drive to work 24/7 running XP SP3.


      Thanks in advance

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          Hello RuiDias, I am glad to know you are looking for an Intel® SSD.


          Intel® SSDs are operating system independent, the only point to keep in mind is that Windows* XP does not support TRIM and the drive will need to be optimized from time to time, but this can be easily done with the Intel® SSD Toolbox.


          We recommend checking with your system manufacturer for a list of validated SSDs. You may verify the daily workload (or endurance) required and other specifications according to your needs.


          The links below provide general information that may be useful for comparison in your decision process. Please let us know if you have any questions about specific products.


          Intel® Solid-State Drives (Intel® SSD)

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