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    Intel RST: BSOD & Slow Start




      I installed the latest version of the Intel RST driver (, but since I installed it I have been having problems with booting up and shutting down.


      The symptoms are as follows:

      • When I boot for the first time, I often (but not always) get a BSOD with the message DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE
      • When I then reboot, it works but takes a very long time (2 mins 30 seconds, where it was under 1 min previously and under 30 secs originally)


      The same issues apply when waking from S4 Hibernation. The laptop seems to work fine once it has booted.


      I applied a trace on the boot using the Windows Performance Toolkit (xbootmgr -trace), and it shows a period of 2 minutes before the start of any hard drive activity. I have attributed this to an issue accessing the SSD following the installation of the iRST driver.


      My hardware is as follows:

      • Laptop: Asus UX32VD
      • Intel Series 7 Chipset Family
      • SSD: Samsung 840 EVO (1gb)
      • SATA port set to AHCI mode in BIOS


      I am happy to provide the .etl file showing the slow boot time (it is over 1gb so can't attach here, but I did attach the .xml summary). Unfortunately I don't get a dump from the BSOD, presumably because the issue is with the drive and the dump can't be written.