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    Bug in certain Google+ photospheres with HD 5200 graphics


      In some, but not all, photospheres (360° pictures, a Google+ social network feature) there are severe graphical glitches.

      They always happen in the same photospheres at the exact same position. Happens in both Chrome 33 and Opera.

      A friend of mine with a completely different system (he uses Intel HD graphics too (same driver)), has the same problem, with the same photospheres.

      Other photospheres work _always_ fine.


      Example link: Nico Möbius - Google+ - 1. Photosphere mit dem selbst gebastelten Nodalpunktadapter… (need to be logged into Google account and Google+ to view). Turn around a few times and you should spot the glitches, they are very obvious.


      My system:

      Gigabyte Brix Pro, F4 BIOS, Win7sp1 Pro x64, Intel i7-4770R HD 5200, driver

      System of the before mentioned friend features an older Intel i7 (no Haswell, same OS, same driver).


      Since this happens on completely different machines and in 2 different browser it seems very likely this is a driver issue.