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    Intel NUC D34010WYK static noise



      I have some trouble regarding Intel NUC D34010WYK with static noise trough hdmi which the subwoofer picks up.

      My setup is NUC -> Onkyo tx-nr717 -> (audio) 5.1 B&W system -> (video) Sony TV

      Problem is whenever i boot up and get in to Win 8.1 i get a terrible static, i tried a different OS which resulted in same issue.

      I have also tried swapping out the HDMI cable, still get the same problem.

      Wierd part is when i launch XBMC the static noise gets louder.

      I have updated to latest firmware (0025), that made no difference at all.

      I don't have a possibility to try with another AVR, which i guess is my last try. I've read about a similar problem on this forum but that didn't get resolved so im hoping i can get som help with this.


      Sorry for my bad english. =)

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          I had the same problem as you have. It's a grounding issue.

          I had my NUC power adapter connected to a cheap power extender. I had static noise from the tweeters on my front speakers and a low hum  from the subwoofer. Mostly when i moved the mouse around i Windows 8.1 and constantly in XBMC.


          I connected the NUC power cord directly to the power socket on the wall and that solved the issue for me.

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