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    Intel DZ87KLT-75K gives "CPU hot" error fresh out the box


      I have a new Intel DZ87KLT-75K motherboard with an i7-4770K processor that won't boot.  I have seen two other posts of similar, but different issues.


      Everything is new out of boxes and I am very careful with ESD working on nonconductive surfaces.


      When I try to start up, I press the power button,  the system tries to start, the fans start up and then the "CPU hot" lights up and the system shuts off, and tries to power up again, the fans go on, the "CPU hot" light goes on and shuts off again, and system tries to power on again, and this will continue until I turn off power to the system.  There are no beeps, and the LED displays only show zeroes.


      I pulled everything apart and put it back together again and the problem still remains.  Even tried getting into BIOS with just processor/heatsink and 1 RAM, but won't get past this.


      Any suggestions?