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    Dimm disabled on server board s2600cp


      Hi I had a s2600cp mother with 16x 8gb ram memory running windows server 2012 with out problem. The server broke so I got a new one exactly same model. This new server only recognized 10 of the 16 ram memory slots, I tryed many solutions and thought the motherboard might be defective so I change it for another one exactly same model. This new board recognize 12 of the 16 ram memory slots, I updated the bios, checked the ram memories on another computer and the work fine. If I leave only the rams on the defective slots the pc wont start. The program CPUID CPU-Z identify the 16 ram memory but not the motherboard. Also the pc dont recognize my cellphone when I connect it via usb, usb drives works fine.


      The error I recieve on the bios is dimm disable couldnt initialize for those four slots